One day, as I was restacking my ever growing mountain of sketchbooks and papers packed full of tiny motifs, I realized that there will never be enough hours in the day to refine each one into polished line work and carefully balanced patterns. The rough sketches accumulate too fast – in notebooks, on the backs of envelopes, everywhere!

I found myself growing increasingly unsettled until a conversation with my mother made everything crystal clear. She suggested that I make a series of books from all of these special little snippets and unpolished gems and share them as a behind the scenes peek into my private daily drawing through the years.

I invite you to color along with me as I sort through sketchbook mountain and place these moments, fragments and doodles into mini galleries for us to enjoy. And while you color this set of motifs, I’ll be busily tidying up my giant stash of small drawings – and creating new ones too, of course. Will I ever get caught up with all of this? Probably not, but it’s going to be fun trying!