The Visually Confusing Halfway Point

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The halfway coloring point in an intricate coloring picture tends to be the most difficult part of a picture for me. There is often such a mix of colored areas and remaining white spaces that it can be rather visually confusing. In the picture above, I can feel myself losing my bearings. But it's this [...]

Coloring From Inspiration Photos

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I like to look at sky and cloud colors and sometime take photos to use for color inspiration. Photos like this one: My camera has a setting that makes everything look a lot like a watercolor painting, and I like that because it smooths out all of the rough reality edges and makes everything extra [...]

Soft Graphite Shading

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Today I'd like to give you a close-up look at how I do some simple shading using a soft graphite pencil and a blending stump. I really like Mitsubishi Uni graphite pencils. They feel nice in the hand and are extremely glidey when you apply them to paper. I've got an assortment set that I [...]

Marker Tips

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This video is full of tips for how to get the best coloring results when you color with markers. Colleen Schaan is an educator for Copic Markers (my favorite marker brand), but this video applies to whichever brand you like to color with!