Coloring with graphite pencil has me appreciating the simplicity, and that in turn opens awareness to the tiniest little things.

A momentary realization that it’s probably going to be impossible to color this current set of shapes with a truly even coloring hand. Four small peapod interior type thingies colored so far, 12 more to go. Itty bitty teensy weensy shapes, and I want to make them a certain shade of dark medium gray with tiny charcoal shadows.

Is it going to look like shading when I’m done? Will all 16 peapods match? How many shapes are there in this entire drawing, and if I color it all with a single pencil will it end up looking like an indistinct gray blob days from now when I finally finish?

Ha ha. 🙂 Don’t know. Don’t care. Just loving the long coloring moments spent with each individual coloring space and appreciating my soft leaded pencil for all that it can do, and for all that it can’t do.