Breathe – In Graphite (Slow Coloring -Finishing Up)

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Wow, this one took just about forever to color. It was wonderfully relaxing, though. Slow coloring always gives me a chance to take a little inventory. As each tiny shape gets filled in, I notice whether the slowness feels nurturing or if I feel tense or distracted. The more I practice slow coloring, the more [...]

Goat Shopping!

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This week my husband and I went goat shopping to pick out two baby goats so that Mabel, Peppy and Doodles can enjoy being part of a slightly larger goat herd. So here's some photos of the three we picked out (yes, we ended up choosing three instead of two - and it was really [...]

Breathe – In Graphite (Slow Coloring)

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This one is going to take a while! One of the things that I really like about using soft graphite pencils is that little, light dabs of pencil lead add so much sooty darkness. No matter how lightly I make each stroke, it's enough to add more shadowing and contouring. Lead sharpness makes a big [...]

Deep Thoughts In Graphite

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Coloring with graphite pencil has me appreciating the simplicity, and that in turn opens awareness to the tiniest little things. A momentary realization that it's probably going to be impossible to color this current set of shapes with a truly even coloring hand. Four small peapod interior type thingies colored so far, 12 more to [...]

Nifty Journal – A Three Pencil Coloring

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Whoops! Here's the last half of the photos I shot for this page. Today was one of those "accidently delete a bunch of your photos" days - which is sure better than having an "accidently delete book drawings" day. :) Today's coloring progress slideshow: Today's book: Nifty (A Coloring Journal) Colored with: Faber [...]

Breathe Wide Tipped – Finishing Up

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Today's slide show might be a bit slow to load because there are lots of photos! Today's coloring progress slideshow: Today's book: Breathe For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers (Angie's Gentle Mood Menders - Volume 1) Colored with: Copic Sketch Markers Colored with these Copic Sketch marker shades

Breathe Wide Tipped – Part 3

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Sometimes coloring progresses so much more slowly than you expect. One of my most reliable coloring times each day is as my husband and I watch our daily episode of our show of the moment on Netflix. Over the years we've watched quite a few TV series this way, starting at episode one and day [...]

Breathe Wide Tipped – Part 2 + Thinky Thoughts

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(A few thinky thoughts before the coloring update.) On January 1st, musician Brian Eno released his ambient music album Reflection and his companion generative music app with the same name. As I type this, I'm streaming the album track on Amazon Music, listening to the 54 minute long evolving piece of music and reflecting on [...]