This week my husband and I went goat shopping to pick out two baby goats so that Mabel, Peppy and Doodles can enjoy being part of a slightly larger goat herd. So here’s some photos of the three we picked out (yes, we ended up choosing three instead of two – and it was really hard not to pick a few more.)

They need to stay with their mommas for about six more weeks, which should give us enough time to make up our minds about what their names will be. Right now we’re leaning toward naming them Bling, Classy and Whimsy. Can you guess from the pictures which ones personality and markings match which book title?

This might take a while to load, but I thought you’d like to see all of the photos. So here’s a bunch of photos of moving goats, taken when we remembered to take pictures because most of the time we were too busy playing with these three cute little tykes.