Breathe Wide Tipped – Finishing Up

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Today's slide show might be a bit slow to load because there are lots of photos! Today's coloring progress slideshow: Today's book: Breathe For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers (Angie's Gentle Mood Menders - Volume 1) Colored with: Copic Sketch Markers Colored with these Copic Sketch marker shades

Breathe Wide Tipped – Part 3

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Sometimes coloring progresses so much more slowly than you expect. One of my most reliable coloring times each day is as my husband and I watch our daily episode of our show of the moment on Netflix. Over the years we've watched quite a few TV series this way, starting at episode one and day [...]

Breathe Wide Tipped – Part 2 + Thinky Thoughts

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(A few thinky thoughts before the coloring update.) On January 1st, musician Brian Eno released his ambient music album Reflection and his companion generative music app with the same name. As I type this, I'm streaming the album track on Amazon Music, listening to the 54 minute long evolving piece of music and reflecting on [...]

Breathe Wide Tipped – Part 1

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Out of all of my books and all of the drawings in each book, do you ever wonder how I choose which drawing to color next? So do I, lol. There's not a lot of thought or logic to it. Some days a particular title strikes me as being one that really matches my mood. [...]

Baubles – Gingerbread Cookies Style Finishing Up

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All done, and I'm entirely pleased with this one. But this is probably a really good time to flip through my books and find a page or two that color a bit quicker, or I'm never going to get my Christmas cards sent out in time! Today's coloring progress slideshow: Today's book: Baubles [...]

Baubles – Gingerbread Cookies Style Day 4

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Today's coloring pictures show you the two tone shading that I used for the dark chocolate and mint candy chips on my frosted gingerbread cookie. Adding candy after candy color to this page starts to make the eye and mind expect to see candy everywhere - so it's fine if things aren't exactly true to [...]

Baubles – Gingerbread Cookies Style Day 2

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Whoopsie! Flashback time. I've been trying to get a little ahead with my coloring photos, and yesterday assembled two photo slide shows. I know that a lot of you are used to me spacing out and forgetting what day of the week it is - but this time I'd like to present coloring progress day [...]

Baubles – Gingerbread Cookies Style Day 3

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Gingerbread cookie coloring still. In today's slideshow you can see more of the "white" frosting that was colored using two extremely pale beige tones to give the white some frosted contour. Today's coloring progress slideshow: Today's book: Baubles (Angie's Patterns - Volume 4) Colored with: Copic Sketch Markers. ____________ From my Facebook post: [...]