Baubles – Gingerbread Cookies Style Day 2

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Whoopsie! Flashback time. I've been trying to get a little ahead with my coloring photos, and yesterday assembled two photo slide shows. I know that a lot of you are used to me spacing out and forgetting what day of the week it is - but this time I'd like to present coloring progress day [...]

Transcend (Wide Tipped) – Finishing Up

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I'm always pleasantly surprised when odd color combinations end up looking pretty and intriguing when they are spread through a pattern. There actually was a little thought in my color selection for this piece. It started off with Christmas colors and somehow drifted off into frosted sugar cookies colors. I guess that's still in keeping [...]

Transcend (Wide Tipped) – Day 1 (Thoughts on Caretaking and Loss)

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Today's blog post is a little bit different than usual. I'm combining something that I wrote a couple of days ago as we were nursing an ill goat with something I wrote yesterday and posted on my Facebook group. The past few days have involved coloring while caretaking as well as coloring while processing the [...]

More Flowers (Wide Tipped) – Day 1 Ramblie Thoughts

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I tend to lead a very quiet life, with the goal to make it ever quieter. I've never been a fan of conflict - which always seems like a lot of energy wasted down a path that just isn't ever going to be satisfying. I don't generally get visibly wound up about things but instead [...]

Centered (Wide Tipped) – And Then There Were Dots

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I don't draw uncolorable dots or lines into my linework, but that doesn't mean that you can't go dot crazy if you want to. Feel free to embellish your colorings however you like. Sparklies, gel pens and little drawn details can be a lot of fun. I loved the way this coloring turned out so [...]

Transcend – Slow Coloring Day 4 (Rambling Chit Chat)

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As I get older I get ever more comfortable with short pencils. My current sketchbook graphite drawing pencil is somewhere between stub size and ridiculous stub size right now. It gives my rough drawings on my sketch pad extra unplanned touches as lines bend every which way. Short pencils don't have the same elegant balance [...]

Transcend – Day 2 (Thoughts On Fear And Tension)

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Are you feeling a lot of fear and tension in the air too? It seems that most people I know are. It doesn't matter how much we may differ in opinions or beliefs, we are all quite united in our understanding of how it feels to be uncertain, apprehensive, fearful or overwhelmed. And if those [...]

Two-Tone Shading – Finishing Up

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I'm finding it helpful to make a practice of disconnecting from expectations about how long it "should" take for me to color a picture - and that has done so much to increase my comfort with shading. Once there is a comforting foundation of ease, and acceptance of things taking however long they may take, [...]

Whimsy – Finishing Up and a Pep Talk

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As a fellow colorist, I understand completely how much time and thought and energy goes into coloring a detailed drawing. And I also understand how there may be a time or two that you have to deal with someone who makes it their mission to be unpleasant about your art. It's probably not something that [...]