More Flowers (Wide Tipped) – Finishing Up and Ramblie Thoughts

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Whoopsie! Guess who accidently deleted all of my latest in progress photos? I guess we just have one photo today as I pick up with more of my rambling thoughts from yesterday. Now on to the rest of the ramblies: ---- The difference in feeling between "have to do" stuff and "just being" activities can [...]

More Flowers (Wide Tipped) – Day 2 Ramblie Thoughts

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Yesterday I was talking a bit about the difference in feeling between "have to do" and "just being" activities. I don't know if other people feel the same way or make those same distinctions, but wow - I've been doing this since I was a kid. Cleaning my desk was a "have to do" and [...]

More Flowers (Wide Tipped) – Day 1 Ramblie Thoughts

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I tend to lead a very quiet life, with the goal to make it ever quieter. I've never been a fan of conflict - which always seems like a lot of energy wasted down a path that just isn't ever going to be satisfying. I don't generally get visibly wound up about things but instead [...]

October Bouquet – Finishing Up

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Today's slide show is a lot like one of those "spot the difference" games. Each picture shows a bit more progress with one of many gray shades. These colors are inspired by childhood memories of going trick or treating in brightly colored costumes when the outdoors was all dark and shadowy. Here's a slide show [...]

October Bouquet – Day 1

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My coloring moods tend to jump around. One day I might really be into sophisticated and artsy coloring and then the next day it's all about recapturing a sense of childlike coloring freedom. As an adult colorist, you get to decide how you want to color and there's no pressure to be consistent in your approach. [...]

More Flowers – Wide Tipped (Day 2)

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I actually started today's coloring with a bit of a color plan. It was one of those "use lots of different shades" kind of days and I wanted to gradually shift color tones so that the outer edge would frame the picture with cool blue shades. Here's a slide show with my step by step [...]

More Flowers – Wide Tipped (Day 1)

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I really enjoy my "For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers" books for lighter coloring days. When life feels very spacious, I color more intricate pieces and when days feel fuller I often reach for one of my easier books. For coloring to be truly relaxing for me, it needs to be in balance with whatever kind [...]