Transcend – Finishing Up And Clock Shift

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Wow, the clock change (end of Daylight Savings Time) has really thrown me for a bit of a loop. I tend to write my blog posts in the afternoon or evening, and my morning ritual is sipping tea, writing a short note to my Facebook group and then posting the blog post I prepared the [...]

More Flowers – Wide Tipped (Day 2)

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I actually started today's coloring with a bit of a color plan. It was one of those "use lots of different shades" kind of days and I wanted to gradually shift color tones so that the outer edge would frame the picture with cool blue shades. Here's a slide show with my step by step [...]

More Flowers – Wide Tipped (Day 1)

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I really enjoy my "For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers" books for lighter coloring days. When life feels very spacious, I color more intricate pieces and when days feel fuller I often reach for one of my easier books. For coloring to be truly relaxing for me, it needs to be in balance with whatever kind [...]

Bling Journal

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Today's coloring has a very October color scheme (totally unplanned, but probably a reaction to the colors around me today.) When I step back and look at my finished colorings, I see black night skies and blazing Autumn leaves that are starting to get a bit crunchy. Also, a hint of glowing bonfire embers and [...]

More Pizzazz Journal

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Today we've got some unplanned sunset colors! This happens quite a bit when I color - especially with colored pencils. I usually don't even notice that I'm going down the sunset path again until the picture is almost finished. Cool blues just seem to call our for warm, glowing orangey coral pinky tones. Here's a [...]

Doodles Journal

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Today I'm coloring with wax based pencils. The Derwent Coloursoft pencils have quite soft leads and work nicely for coloring medium and larger spaces. They feel quite a bit like coloring with crayons - but the way you always wish your crayons would color, with lovely even color application and quick response to changes in [...]

Pizzazz Journal

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Coloring Journal pages are really nice for shorter coloring sessions or for busy times when you might want to sneak in little bits of coloring all day long. They are also a handy size for trying out new techniques. Here's a slide show overview of my most recent coloring progress: And here are [...]

Fresh, Clean Greens – Pencil Talk

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As I was finishing yesterday's coloring, I had some thoughts about colored pencils that I wanted to share with you. These are the pencils that I used to color my Fresh Clean Greens picture. As you can tell, I did branch out into a couple of different color groups. I also used both Faber-Castell Polychromos [...]