Breathe Wide Tipped – Part 3

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Sometimes coloring progresses so much more slowly than you expect. One of my most reliable coloring times each day is as my husband and I watch our daily episode of our show of the moment on Netflix. Over the years we've watched quite a few TV series this way, starting at episode one and day [...]

Breathe Wide Tipped – Part 2 + Thinky Thoughts

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(A few thinky thoughts before the coloring update.) On January 1st, musician Brian Eno released his ambient music album Reflection and his companion generative music app with the same name. As I type this, I'm streaming the album track on Amazon Music, listening to the 54 minute long evolving piece of music and reflecting on [...]

Nifty Journal – Fun with Graphite – Day 1

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Coloring with a single soft graphite pencil today. :) Today's coloring progress slideshow: Today's book: Nifty (A Coloring Journal) Colored with: Mitsubishi Hi-Uni graphite pencil (10b hardness) __________ From this morning's Facebook post: Good morning everyone! My sketchbook work tends to go through cycles. Sometimes everything is drawn with neat, smooth lines and [...]

Ink Doilies – Day 1

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It's pretty rare that I plan out a color scheme in advance. Usually colorings progress much like this one. First, some color in my marker box looks particularly fun at the moment. This time it was and intense pumpkin orange shade. Orange is often kind of an awkward color to use, at least for me, [...]

Stillness Day – Transcend (Wide Tipped) – Dots & Details Day 4

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Today's coloring progress slideshow: Note: This week I'll be posting somewhat smaller slide shows since there's a holiday shopping rush on the Internet that's slowing down a lot of people's internet connections. Today's book: Transcend For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers (Angie's Gentle Mood Menders - Volume 4) Colored with: Copic Sketch Markers [...]

More Flowers (Wide Tipped) – Finishing Up and Ramblie Thoughts

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Whoopsie! Guess who accidently deleted all of my latest in progress photos? I guess we just have one photo today as I pick up with more of my rambling thoughts from yesterday. Now on to the rest of the ramblies: ---- The difference in feeling between "have to do" stuff and "just being" activities can [...]

More Flowers (Wide Tipped) – Day 2 Ramblie Thoughts

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Yesterday I was talking a bit about the difference in feeling between "have to do" and "just being" activities. I don't know if other people feel the same way or make those same distinctions, but wow - I've been doing this since I was a kid. Cleaning my desk was a "have to do" and [...]