Nifty Journal – Fun with Graphite – Day 1

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Coloring with a single soft graphite pencil today. :) Today's coloring progress slideshow: Today's book: Nifty (A Coloring Journal) Colored with: Mitsubishi Hi-Uni graphite pencil (10b hardness) __________ From this morning's Facebook post: Good morning everyone! My sketchbook work tends to go through cycles. Sometimes everything is drawn with neat, smooth lines and [...]

Centered (Wide Tipped) – And Then There Were Dots

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I don't draw uncolorable dots or lines into my linework, but that doesn't mean that you can't go dot crazy if you want to. Feel free to embellish your colorings however you like. Sparklies, gel pens and little drawn details can be a lot of fun. I loved the way this coloring turned out so [...]

Transcend – Day 3 (More Thoughts On Fear And Tension)

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I tend to be a calm and rational person. I feel deeply but forgive easily. And I'm pretty good at stepping back from external fuss and finding the place of inner peace and strength that is always with me - even if some days it's kind of a challenge to find it. Sometimes there are [...]

Cool Tones Shading – Day 2

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I've got lots of minor flaws in my coloring today, but that's a good reminder of what's most important. It doesn't matter if a bit of laser printer ink flakes off my cardstock as my hand rubs on the paper surface. It doesn't matter if I've actually got two side by side shapes where the [...]

Two-Tone Shading – Finishing Up

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I'm finding it helpful to make a practice of disconnecting from expectations about how long it "should" take for me to color a picture - and that has done so much to increase my comfort with shading. Once there is a comforting foundation of ease, and acceptance of things taking however long they may take, [...]

Whimsy – Finishing Up and a Pep Talk

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As a fellow colorist, I understand completely how much time and thought and energy goes into coloring a detailed drawing. And I also understand how there may be a time or two that you have to deal with someone who makes it their mission to be unpleasant about your art. It's probably not something that [...]

A Bit Of Pencil Shading – Finishing Up

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All done! Seven hours of coloring over seven days - which was a really great way to spread out all of the shadings. (I tend to lose interest if I go overboard with shading, but spreading things out in such an unhurried manner kept it fun.) I could have left the background white at this [...]