I tend to be a calm and rational person. I feel deeply but forgive easily. And I’m pretty good at stepping back from external fuss and finding the place of inner peace and strength that is always with me – even if some days it’s kind of a challenge to find it.

Sometimes there are things in life that can make you feel like someone is poking you with a sharp stick. And of course, there’s also a whole world of assorted business interests that want you to feel like you are being poked with a sharp stick because there might be money in that, or influence, or ratings, or website clicks or whatever other forms of currency that businesses find valuable. And sometimes you just find your own self poking yourself with a sharp stick because of past experiences or future uncertainties. Perhaps sometimes your body acts like a sharp stick, poking you in the knees or wrists or back.

Somedays there are way, way way too many pointy sticks and it might feel really hard to find a way to escape them.

Isn’t it cool that colored pencils are also pointy sticks! Ones that we can pick up and put down as we choose. Ones that feel comforting in our hands. Ones that sit in their boxes hoping that you pick their particular color so they can come out and play and join you in making beauty. (And of course, markers are just felt tipped pointy sticks, so they count too.)

You can’t choose all of the pointy sticks that you may encounter today – but you can choose to pick up your own powerful, beauty creating pointy stick and make your mark. 🙂

Here’s a slide show with my step by step slow coloring progress:

Said yesterday, and worth repeating again: We all deserve to feel comfortable and fear free in our own personal spaces. Some days that comes easily and other days you have to work at it.

Today’s book: Transcend (Angie’s Extreme Mood Menders – Volume 4)

Colored with: Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and Derwent Studio pencils.