Transcend – Day 3 (More Thoughts On Fear And Tension)

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I tend to be a calm and rational person. I feel deeply but forgive easily. And I'm pretty good at stepping back from external fuss and finding the place of inner peace and strength that is always with me - even if some days it's kind of a challenge to find it. Sometimes there are [...]

Transcend – Day 2 (Thoughts On Fear And Tension)

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Are you feeling a lot of fear and tension in the air too? It seems that most people I know are. It doesn't matter how much we may differ in opinions or beliefs, we are all quite united in our understanding of how it feels to be uncertain, apprehensive, fearful or overwhelmed. And if those [...]

Whimsy – Finishing Up and a Pep Talk

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As a fellow colorist, I understand completely how much time and thought and energy goes into coloring a detailed drawing. And I also understand how there may be a time or two that you have to deal with someone who makes it their mission to be unpleasant about your art. It's probably not something that [...]

All’s Well That Ends Well

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It doesn't matter how twisty and turny the coloring path may have been. Eventually you reach a spot where the coloring is done and you step back and look at the finished picture. All of the events that took place in your life as you colored the page are in the past, and in a [...]

And Out Comes The White Gel Pen!

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Once I wander outside of my coloring comfort zone a little bit, I often feel adventurous and continue trying new things until I eventually create a "not quite so pretty" coloring. My coloring journey tends to follow a twisty path as I bounce between comfort zone coloring and wild and free experimentation. Of course, one [...]

Just Coloring

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Yesterday I talked a bit about graphite pencil shading and my post turned into a step by step demonstration showing you one of the ways I like to color. Most the time, though, my coloring is just coloring. I don't think a lot about color schemes or about various tools or techniques. Most of my coloring [...]