Are you feeling a lot of fear and tension in the air too? It seems that most people I know are. It doesn’t matter how much we may differ in opinions or beliefs, we are all quite united in our understanding of how it feels to be uncertain, apprehensive, fearful or overwhelmed. And if those aren’t feelings that are affecting you at the moment, they are still feelings that we’ve all encountered and that we’ll all encounter again and again. Thinking, feeling, caring people experience the whole gamut of emotional experience – and we move through times when our emotions feel comfortable and times when they feel more intense than is comfortable.

Every once in a while I notice that I’ve got myself into a mindset where some kind of uncomfortable and intense emotion is dominating my thoughts – often to the point where I don’t even notice the emotion so much as I notice that I just feel stressed or crummy or low energy or whatever. That’s when I use slow coloring as a way to re-anchor myself here in my living room. All it takes is coloring one little space and enjoying that tiny moment of calm, and then looking up at my room and reminding myself that every bit of space between my coloring page and the wall is similarly calm and peaceful. (This is a whole lot easier if you turn off the TV and put on some pretty music while you color! 🙂 )

Now some of you might share your coloring space with a spouse who’s having a bad day or a child that’s having a dramatic melt down – but usually there is some amount of space, physically larger than the shape you just colored, that holds the same calm as your coloring page. If there is peace and calm in your itty bitty coloring shape, it really IS surrounded by a cozy, comfy space of some size.

Tension, fear or apprehension makes you want to hold your wellbeing in a small, tight, well protected space – just like you’d tuck away a precious photo or piece of jewelry in a nice, safe, secure little box. But your wellbeing is also your source of resilience and strength – so go ahead and allow it to fill up the entire room. Color a shape to center yourself and find that dab of good, strong comfort – them look up and let that kernel of good feeling expand to fill your whole room.

We all deserve to feel comfortable and fear free in our own personal spaces. Some days that comes easily and other days you have to work at it.

Here’s a slide show with my step by step slow coloring progress:

Today’s book: Transcend (Angie’s Extreme Mood Menders – Volume 4)

Colored with: Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and Derwent Studio pencils.