After my recent wild coloring from Wow, it’s fun to switch gears again and settle into slow coloring an Extreme Mood Mender. And if you look really closely, you might be able to spot my little coloring oops.

Here’s a slide show with my step by step slow coloring progress:

Did you find it? Here’s another photo where it might be easier to see. Look for the chocolate brown mistake.

Spot the oops! :)

Spot the oops! 🙂

Since this was colored with pencils, I could have erased the oops – but erasing isn’t as fun as coloring and this really is the kind of mistake that nobody notices unless the colorist points it out. And this little touch of individuality isn’t going to take away from the overall beauty of the finished page.

Today’s book: Transcend (Angie’s Extreme Mood Menders – Volume 4)

Colored with: Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and Derwent Studio pencils.