As a fellow colorist, I understand completely how much time and thought and energy goes into coloring a detailed drawing.

And I also understand how there may be a time or two that you have to deal with someone who makes it their mission to be unpleasant about your art. It’s probably not something that happens very often, but if it does happen (or has happened to you) I hope these thoughts help a little bit.

I actually do truly appreciate you deciding to spend your time coloring one of my pages. When you pick up a marker or pencil or crayon and start coloring a picture that I’ve made, it makes me feel good about my art. And my biggest hope is that you end up feeling that good about your art too. If anyone ever comes along and even hints that you shouldn’t feel good about your coloring, they are just plain wrong. I haven’t seen every page that everyone has colored from my books, but every one that I have had the privilege of seeing has been outright beautiful. It is an honor to have a coloring artist like you transform my lines into your uniquely lovely finished picture. Thank you for bringing your creative vision to my page.

Please feel free to print this out and tuck in in the back of one of your books to have on hand in case you ever need a reminder of how precious your artwork is and how much I treasure it. I’ll be doing the same – because unfortunately we all do have to deal with negative people every once in a while.

Today’s coloring is from Whimsy (Angie’s Patterns – Volume 2) colored with these Copic Sketch markers.