Another Sunset – Part 2

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A delightful end to a delightful book - and my new favorite coloring of the moment. :) These colors were enjoyable every step of the way, but then at the very end they did something particularly pretty. See how the pale blue gives the picture an almost iridescent satin-like look? This is the kind of [...]

Bit By Bit

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No matter what speed you color, all of the little colored bits keep adding up and eventually the picture is complete. I like this odd mix of colors, especially that bright green ring near the flower pot people's feet. There's kind of a wonderful "bad plaid" feeling to the shades which I find quite endearing. [...]

The Slow Colorists Club – Part 3

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Slow coloring carries over into the rest of the day, making thoughts clearer and demands less demanding. There are no prizes for being the fastest colorist or the slowest colorist, but there is great reward in being a colorist that is true to your own natural coloring rhythms. Today's coloring is from Balance For Crayons [...]

The Slow Colorists Club

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I am definitely a member of the slow colorists club. I don't like the feeling of rushing towards the completion of a coloring. It's the timeless feeling of coloring each little shape that gives me the greatest coloring pleasure. Years ago, I noticed that I often colored one shape while thinking ahead to what colors [...]