Ink Doilies – Day 1

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It's pretty rare that I plan out a color scheme in advance. Usually colorings progress much like this one. First, some color in my marker box looks particularly fun at the moment. This time it was and intense pumpkin orange shade. Orange is often kind of an awkward color to use, at least for me, [...]

Transcend (Wide Tipped) – Finishing Up

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I'm always pleasantly surprised when odd color combinations end up looking pretty and intriguing when they are spread through a pattern. There actually was a little thought in my color selection for this piece. It started off with Christmas colors and somehow drifted off into frosted sugar cookies colors. I guess that's still in keeping [...]

Centered (Wide Tipped) – Finishing Up

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This picture really wanted to be colored in a wild mix of colors. The bright caterpillar green tones were especially fun to use. Once again, I lost track a bit when it came to taking progress photos, but I did manage to capture a shot that shows where I changed my mind and colored over [...]

Bling Journal

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Today's coloring has a very October color scheme (totally unplanned, but probably a reaction to the colors around me today.) When I step back and look at my finished colorings, I see black night skies and blazing Autumn leaves that are starting to get a bit crunchy. Also, a hint of glowing bonfire embers and [...]

Tea And Cake – Finishing Up

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Oh, it is just so hard to set down the coloring some days. Wasn't it just yesterday I was noticing that I was feeling tired? So of course, tonight I just have to keep coloring way too late because I wanted to see how this picture would finish up. This is actually a very late [...]

Tea And Cake – Day 1

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I started this coloring from Transcend with no color plan at all, but it wasn't long before it started reminding of dainty little tea cakes. Perhaps it's the way that the outer part of the design looks like frosting swirls - but every color I pick is making me think of buttercream frosting. (Yum!) Of [...]

Bit By Bit

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No matter what speed you color, all of the little colored bits keep adding up and eventually the picture is complete. I like this odd mix of colors, especially that bright green ring near the flower pot people's feet. There's kind of a wonderful "bad plaid" feeling to the shades which I find quite endearing. [...]