Centered (Wide Tipped) – Finishing Up

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This picture really wanted to be colored in a wild mix of colors. The bright caterpillar green tones were especially fun to use. Once again, I lost track a bit when it came to taking progress photos, but I did manage to capture a shot that shows where I changed my mind and colored over [...]

Bright Colors – Finishing Up

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At the end of yesterday's coloring I had to make the decision on whether to let the colored parts of my design blur together or remain distinct. I like what I have so far, so I'm going to frame it a bit in yellows. Something about bright yellows make them really good for tying pictures [...]

Some Tips For Working With Bright Colors

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I really love bright colors, but it can be a little tricky to work with them. Lots of brights, spread evenly throughout a coloring can create a confetti-like effect - nice when you want it, but not so cool if you want something more structured and harmonious. Brights like to grab your eye, and what [...]