Centered (Wide Tipped) – And Then There Were Dots

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I don't draw uncolorable dots or lines into my linework, but that doesn't mean that you can't go dot crazy if you want to. Feel free to embellish your colorings however you like. Sparklies, gel pens and little drawn details can be a lot of fun. I loved the way this coloring turned out so [...]

Centered (Wide Tipped) – Finishing Up

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This picture really wanted to be colored in a wild mix of colors. The bright caterpillar green tones were especially fun to use. Once again, I lost track a bit when it came to taking progress photos, but I did manage to capture a shot that shows where I changed my mind and colored over [...]

Two-Tone Shading – Finishing Up

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I'm finding it helpful to make a practice of disconnecting from expectations about how long it "should" take for me to color a picture - and that has done so much to increase my comfort with shading. Once there is a comforting foundation of ease, and acceptance of things taking however long they may take, [...]

Two-Tone Shading – Day 2

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I don't really have any plan for which colors are going to go where in this piece. One things that's so nice about coloring abstract patterns is that they tend to be perfectly happy with all kinds of color schemes. I'm basically sticking with a few different color pairs right now, but there is quite [...]