I really love bright colors, but it can be a little tricky to work with them. Lots of brights, spread evenly throughout a coloring can create a confetti-like effect – nice when you want it, but not so cool if you want something more structured and harmonious.

Brights like to grab your eye, and what I’m doing here is trying to block in some fairly large areas with a nice pair of greens. Even though there are some gaps in between green areas, your eye can’t help but see the big circle and the six smaller snowflake points. I could color the rest of the picture black at this point and those green spots will still form a meaningful design. That makes this a nice strong foundation for adding another bright shade.

Wow, that’s bright! And right now the way I’ve placed the pinks makes sense in my mind but it really confuses my eyes. This is where I did something a little tricky. See how the greens are a light/dark pair? I want to avoid doing a similar light/dark pairing in pink right now. It’s kind of hard to explain, but light/dark combinations feel kind of bouncy and adding a bouncy pink combination here is going to confuse my eyes almost as much as the white spots are doing. I’m going to look for a shade to pair with the pink that is similar in lightness/darkness and only differs in hue.

Like this lovely orange. 🙂 It’s still an eye catching bright shade, but doesn’t bounce against the pink – it glides.

Now I just keep working with my green colors and my pink/orange pair – filling in more sections of the design and resisting the urge to mix things up too much.

Now it feels like the page wants me to make a decision. It already has a nice, bold design colored in. Do I continue with these shades and let the design mush together, or do I add some shades from another color group to help frame this design form? But since it’s getting late in the evening, I’ll decide that tomorrow so that I can take my color mood into consideration as I resume coloring.

Today’s coloring is From Balance For crayons And Wide Tipped Markers, and here are the Copic marker shades I’ve used so far.