More Flowers – Wide Tipped (Day 2)

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I actually started today's coloring with a bit of a color plan. It was one of those "use lots of different shades" kind of days and I wanted to gradually shift color tones so that the outer edge would frame the picture with cool blue shades. Here's a slide show with my step by step [...]

No Fail Colors – Part 2

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Today you can see the real beauty of yesterday's set of colors. This was such a great feeling piece to color - there was never any wondering about where I should place the individual colors because they all played so nicely together. I think that what really works in these shades is that there are [...]

Bright Colors – Finishing Up

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At the end of yesterday's coloring I had to make the decision on whether to let the colored parts of my design blur together or remain distinct. I like what I have so far, so I'm going to frame it a bit in yellows. Something about bright yellows make them really good for tying pictures [...]

Some Tips For Working With Bright Colors

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I really love bright colors, but it can be a little tricky to work with them. Lots of brights, spread evenly throughout a coloring can create a confetti-like effect - nice when you want it, but not so cool if you want something more structured and harmonious. Brights like to grab your eye, and what [...]

Graphite Shading Over Markers

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Today I'm coloring a little differently than usual, using smudged soft graphite shading over markers. For this piece I decided to use just a few marker shades and to color a number of adjoining shapes the same color. Just a little dab of soft graphite pencil is plenty. I'm using a Mitsubishi Uni pencil with [...]

And Out Comes The White Gel Pen!

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Once I wander outside of my coloring comfort zone a little bit, I often feel adventurous and continue trying new things until I eventually create a "not quite so pretty" coloring. My coloring journey tends to follow a twisty path as I bounce between comfort zone coloring and wild and free experimentation. Of course, one [...]

Leaving A Little White Space

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The other day someone asked me if I ever leave a little white space in my colorings. It's actually quite rare that I do. I love seeing how other people use white space to make their pictures all light and airy - but for some reason I just never seem to be able to do [...]

Fresh, Clean Greens – Pencil Talk

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As I was finishing yesterday's coloring, I had some thoughts about colored pencils that I wanted to share with you. These are the pencils that I used to color my Fresh Clean Greens picture. As you can tell, I did branch out into a couple of different color groups. I also used both Faber-Castell Polychromos [...]