As often happens, things were going quite well, and then…

I got distracted and accidently colored a section one way when I had planned on coloring it differently. It’s not going to be a problem, though, because I was going to use a darker orange there anywhere.

So first, just keep on working with the pattern. I made a couple of other small mistakes along the way just to keep the first one company. (Not really intentional, mistakes often just pop up in clusters.)

Here’s the mistake area again. Isn’t it nice how darker colors are so good at hiding lighter mistakes?

And as I finish up for the moment, everything looks orderly and planned – which is always nice. But mistakes do happen, and will happen again and again. Sometimes it’s very easy to hide them and other times they are going to stay visible and add a little extra character to the picture.

Today’s coloring is from Classy (Angie’s Patterns Volume 13) colored with Copic Sketch markers.