Sneaky Spirals – Finishing Up

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As I finished coloring this piece, I was also working on trying to fix an old computer - and one thing really struck me. There is a world of difference in how different forms of detail work feel. Every little coloring space in this page added to a feeling of relaxation and calm. That's a [...]

Sneaky Spirals – Day 2

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Every pencil brand and style is a little bit different. There is a lot of variety in lead hardness or softness, and that makes a big difference in how well they hold their points after sharpening. For the yellow and orange, I used my comfort coloring favorites - the Koh-I-Noor woodless pencils. They are an [...]

Sneaky Spirals

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I have drawn lots and lots (and lots) of drawings for my coloring books, but this drawing from Classy is the one where I drew my sneakiest spirals ever. They twist and tangle so much that the first time I colored this picture (a few years ago), I lost track of which pieces were connected [...]