As I finished coloring this piece, I was also working on trying to fix an old computer – and one thing really struck me. There is a world of difference in how different forms of detail work feel.

Every little coloring space in this page added to a feeling of relaxation and calm. That’s a very good thing, because each step dealing with the computer did just the opposite.

Why do they feel so different? Well, maybe because at the end of three days of coloring, a succession of calming steps has led me to a beautiful endpoint that I feel very good about. At the end of three days working on the computer, I’ve taken it from working badly to working OK – but with an old operating system, and then took it to totally messed up. Bleh!

And with coloring, if things went really wrong on a page it’s perfectly fine to set it aside and try again on a different page. There really is no great loss. And hopefully mixed in with the things that didn’t work as planned there are plenty of beautiful bits for you to feel good about.

I do love the way that I can look at my finished picture and just forget about that non-functioning lump of computer for a few minutes. It a much better way to end an evening. Beautiful colors in beautiful designs that don’t have to mean anything or do anything – a reminder of how our artistic moments nourish us and restore our well being. 🙂

Today’s coloring was from Classy (Angie’s Pattern’s Volume 13) colored with a mix of Koh-I-Noor woodless pencils, Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and Derwent Studio pencils.