Sneaky Spirals – Finishing Up

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As I finished coloring this piece, I was also working on trying to fix an old computer - and one thing really struck me. There is a world of difference in how different forms of detail work feel. Every little coloring space in this page added to a feeling of relaxation and calm. That's a [...]

Sneaky Spirals – Day 2

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Every pencil brand and style is a little bit different. There is a lot of variety in lead hardness or softness, and that makes a big difference in how well they hold their points after sharpening. For the yellow and orange, I used my comfort coloring favorites - the Koh-I-Noor woodless pencils. They are an [...]

Sneaky Spirals

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I have drawn lots and lots (and lots) of drawings for my coloring books, but this drawing from Classy is the one where I drew my sneakiest spirals ever. They twist and tangle so much that the first time I colored this picture (a few years ago), I lost track of which pieces were connected [...]

Letting The Pattern Do The Work

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I like to color every day. Not only does it let me explore my artistry on good days and bad - it gives me a chance to see how well my patterns handle energetic days, lazy days, focused days, preoccupied days, matching color days and random color days. I want my patterns to have enough [...]

Relaxing With Pencils

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After finishing a marker coloring with a planned color scheme, of course it's time to switch directions. Today I'm coloring with my smallest set of pencils again. (The Koh-I-Noor Woodless colored pencils.) I find that having only a few shades to choose from allows me to just grab any color and see what happens. Sometimes [...]

A Musical Interlude

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I am fascinated by pattern in all kinds of different forms. From coloring to crochet to music or whatever, I just like seeing what happens when simple repeating motifs interact and form something complex. When I want to switch gears from visual work, I like to play with iPad musical loopers and sampler apps that [...]

Simple, Basic Coloring

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After a coloring derail, I want to let go of my coloring expectations and just color along to a pretty endpoint. It isn't about "trying to do better", it's about basic, simple, enjoyable coloring. Time to drag out my favorite "no expectations" coloring tool. Pencils that feel comfy in the hand and come in a [...]

Early Morning Coloring

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Bad coloring can be wonderfully enlightening. Today I was morning coloring using colored pencils and that's the best way to amplify every tiny little coloring mistake that I make. This is the time of day when my pencil strokes have a touch of wobble and my hand pressure is at its most uneven. I haven't [...]