Musical Interlude – Xynthesizr!

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When I'm not drawing or coloring, I like to play with music - so today I thought it would be fun to show you an iPad app I've been using to make evolving generative music. Xythesizr is an app developed by Yuri Turov and it allows musical phrases to grow, develop and pass away according [...]

And Then It All Comes Together

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The last part of a coloring is always the easiest for me. All of the colors have been chosen and the page suggests which colors it would like to have where. I've made myself a little endlessly cycling melody to groove to as background music as the last of the spaces gradually transition to their [...]

A Musical Interlude

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I am fascinated by pattern in all kinds of different forms. From coloring to crochet to music or whatever, I just like seeing what happens when simple repeating motifs interact and form something complex. When I want to switch gears from visual work, I like to play with iPad musical loopers and sampler apps that [...]