And Then It All Comes Together

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The last part of a coloring is always the easiest for me. All of the colors have been chosen and the page suggests which colors it would like to have where. I've made myself a little endlessly cycling melody to groove to as background music as the last of the spaces gradually transition to their [...]

The Visually Confusing Halfway Point

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The halfway coloring point in an intricate coloring picture tends to be the most difficult part of a picture for me. There is often such a mix of colored areas and remaining white spaces that it can be rather visually confusing. In the picture above, I can feel myself losing my bearings. But it's this [...]

Sky Colors – Day 2

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Today I'm continuing coloring my sky colors inspired picture from Balance. The shades of blue look much more sky-like when I take the photos using natural daytime lighting, don't they? Everything was going so smoothly and then SPLAT. That's the sound of an ink drop splotching my page. I use refillable markers, and I just [...]

Coloring From Inspiration Photos

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I like to look at sky and cloud colors and sometime take photos to use for color inspiration. Photos like this one: My camera has a setting that makes everything look a lot like a watercolor painting, and I like that because it smooths out all of the rough reality edges and makes everything extra [...]