Everyone has there own approach for where to start and finish a pattern, and it probably changes a lot from design to design for most people. When I color round designs, I often work on certain areas first – but in square designs I choose by shape.

In many of my colorings, I save the smallest bits for near the end. By then the main areas of color are pretty much set and small shapes are nice places to put accent colors.

I thought my picture was getting a little bogged down in medium toned oranges and pinky purples, so out came the light yellow and light yellow green markers. Of course I forgot how poorly these two shades photograph together, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say I used two different shades.

I also find that sometimes I save particularly fun looking shapes for the very end, these shapes look like little candies to me, so I saved them for dessert.

Today’s coloring is from Classy (Angie’s Patterns Volume 13) and was colored with these Copic Sketch markers.