After a summer of coloring round designs it feels really good to switch gears and color in squares for a while. I have a few different coloring rhythms for coloring square patterns. Sometimes I color in the middle, then the corners and then the rest. Other times I start in a corner and go back and forth. And sometimes I zig-zag from little square to little square. But almost always, I do one shape and one color, then another shape and color instead of completing the tiles individually.

Square designs feel like they have more variety in coloring path to me than circular designs do. They also seem to go through more visual transformations as I progress, with foreground elements appearing and then vanishing back behind other elements. Gradually the internal mini patterns reveal themselves and settle into some kind of final appearance that I can never predict when I start coloring the page.

Did you see how many different appearances this picture has had so far? I think this may actually be the first time that I’ve viewed this many in-progress steps as I’ve colored a square design and if I didn’t know better I may have guessed that these were different pages. But no, all of them are the very same page. It will be fun to see where this design goes next.

Today’s coloring is from Classy (Angie’s Patterns Volume 13) colored with Copic Sketch Markers.