Another Sunset? (Finishing Up)

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One nice thing about coloring with broad color themes like sunsets, Autumn leaves, beach colors, fireworks or Spring is that those ideas can be interpreted in so many different ways. This pale yellow shade is a rather unusual for in my sunset colorings. I would normally consider that shade much more of a daybreak color, [...]

Another Sunset? (Day 1)

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I really thought that I was headed for an all blue coloring this time. But sure enough, along comes that moment where the first of the sunset colors sneak in. I've seen so many people color beautiful monochromatic colorings and wish that single color family picture came more easily to me. But if elegant single [...]

More Pizzazz Journal

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Today we've got some unplanned sunset colors! This happens quite a bit when I color - especially with colored pencils. I usually don't even notice that I'm going down the sunset path again until the picture is almost finished. Cool blues just seem to call our for warm, glowing orangey coral pinky tones. Here's a [...]

Another Sunset – Part 2

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A delightful end to a delightful book - and my new favorite coloring of the moment. :) These colors were enjoyable every step of the way, but then at the very end they did something particularly pretty. See how the pale blue gives the picture an almost iridescent satin-like look? This is the kind of [...]