It doesn’t matter how twisty and turny the coloring path may have been. Eventually you reach a spot where the coloring is done and you step back and look at the finished picture. All of the events that took place in your life as you colored the page are in the past, and in a few moments it’s going to be time to flip the page and find a fresh start waiting for you.

Before turning the page, I’ll take an artfully angled photo to help draw attention away from the fact that I completely forgot to take any in progress photos as I finished up this coloring. Look at how the graphite pencil shading catches the light and sparkles!

The very last thing I do before I’m ready to move on to the next page is to show my husband the one I just finished. It’s good to take a coloring that you have been staring at for quite a while and give yourself the chance to witness someone else viewing it with fresh eyes and an unawareness of any coloring struggles that may have taken place. Hanging your picture on the refrigerator works well too – letting you see it in a different context so that you can freely take in the beauty. Coloring journeys and finished colorings both have an importance, and small rituals that remind you to pause for a moment of appreciation are a good way to honor and respect the time and creativity you invested into your page.

(Today’s coloring is from Balance For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers.)

(Colored with these Copic marker shades, and shaded with soft graphite pencil and a paper blending stump.)