I’ve got lots of minor flaws in my coloring today, but that’s a good reminder of what’s most important. It doesn’t matter if a bit of laser printer ink flakes off my cardstock as my hand rubs on the paper surface. It doesn’t matter if I’ve actually got two side by side shapes where the same color touches. If you love detail, you get good at seeing detail and you can always find imperfections. That shouldn’t be any reason to overlook all the good parts of your coloring.

Colored by Angie Grace - From Breathe For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers

Beautiful colors, a relaxing evening coloring, enjoyable family time, moments of quiet reflection – that’s what coloring is all about. Sure, I can see those little white spots where the ink just keeps flicking loose, and I can guess how many more spots will flake before I finish the picture. I could stop right here with the picture and color a different one. But this one is still pretty, and deserves to be finished even if I can find all of the less than perfect details. Honestly, it’s a whole lot more perfect than my desk right now. It’s funny how we decide which imperfections we’re going to let nag at us and which ones we can just let go. Coloring imperfections shouldn’t be ones that we grab onto and beat ourselves up with. 🙂

(Today’s coloring is from Breathe For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers colored with Copic Sketch Markers.)