A Bit Of Pencil Shading – Finishing Up

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All done! Seven hours of coloring over seven days - which was a really great way to spread out all of the shadings. (I tend to lose interest if I go overboard with shading, but spreading things out in such an unhurried manner kept it fun.) I could have left the background white at this [...]

A Bit Of Pencil Shading – Day 6

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Oh! So close! Today is the sixth day that I've worked on this piece and I'm definitely headed into the home stretch. I often leave smaller pieces and background areas until the end. The smallest pieces will look fine in almost any color, and I'm not sure what color I'll want for the background until [...]

A Bit Of Pencil Shading – Day 5

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It's now the fifth day I've worked on this page, usually coloring about an hour each evening. Here's a little close up peek at some of the shapes I've colored tonight. All of these are done with one pencil color per shape, just edging with heavier pressure and then topping off with light pressure - [...]

A Bit Of Pencil Shading – Day 4

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Another day, another bit of progress. One of the things that I'm noticing is that I'm much faster at shading some shapes than others. I think that there's an aspect of building familiarity with various shapes, and where and how to apply the shadows. There's no wrong way to do it, but figuring out what [...]

A Bit Of Pencil Shading – Day 3

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Slow coloring day three on this picture so far - and I'm finding myself getting a bit more at ease with how long it takes for me to shade these little spaces. Instead of focusing on thoughts about how you all will be looking at the same coloring for quite a few days, I'm truly [...]

A Bit Of Pencil Shading – Day 2

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It feels a little weird showing a coloring update post where it may not look like I've done a lot of coloring. Shading is a slow activity for me - so it may not be the most exciting spectator sport for others. :) I do think there is value, though, in letting you see how [...]