Still here!

Still totally enjoying getting lost in drawing and coloring. 🙂

I do like having a bunch of stuff here on this website so that people can learn about my coloring, but as you can probably tell – I’m a colorist first and stuff like website work is rather low on my list of priorities. I think that’s OK, though. My website is big enough now that it works as a good introduction to who I am and what my coloring is all about, and there’s plenty to look at and enjoy if you need a pretty picture break.

So I think for the time being (or perhaps for good, who knows) I’m not going to put my efforts into blogging. I get so much enjoyment from just drawing new pictures, and then coloring them in, then drawing more – and it feels good to know that so many other colorists love that relaxing feeling of coloring and coloring and coloring. Let the mind go quiet. Pick a pretty color. Color a set of shapes. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. It really is such an incredibly soothing hobby, isn’t it? 🙂

Don’t let the quietness of the blog fool you. I’m still here – always working on the next book and up to my ears in my coloring