My coloring moods tend to jump around. One day I might really be into sophisticated and artsy coloring and then the next day it’s all about recapturing a sense of childlike coloring freedom. As an adult colorist, you get to decide how you want to color and there’s no pressure to be consistent in your approach.

I rarely even try to steer my coloring in any particular direction anymore. I’ve proven to myself that I can do very fancy coloring if I choose to, which is kind of a nice thing to know. I am intensely picky about the quality of my line work when drawing, but I don’t really want to spend my coloring time being intense or picky. Just cutting loose and playing with color is something that we all should feel totally free to enjoy. Time to grab the really bright markers!

Here’s a slide show with my step by step progress:

Stray thoughts: This picture always reminds me of the giant dahlias that my mother grew when I was little. When I was in my early teens, I saved up my babysitting money for my first real grown up camera – and one of my most remembered photos was one I took of a big orange dahlia. The colors were gorgeous in real life, and I had the film developed and printed by one of the better specialty photo places locally. (More of my babysitting money spending. Quite a bit of it ended up going to that photo store, lol.)

They must have struggled with the white balance on the photo because the colors were so intense and the picture was taken in deep shadows. They ended up printing the photo with an amazing blue cast in some of the leaves and glowing orange petals. Today’s coloring isn’t a true to life rendition of that photo, but that photo wasn’t a true to life rendition of that flower either. I’m sure I’ll come back and color this same picture again over the years – and wouldn’t be surprised if it gets even wilder the next time around. 🙂

Today’s book: More Flowers – For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers

Colored with: Copic Sketch markers