Breathe – In Graphite (Slow Coloring -Finishing Up)

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Wow, this one took just about forever to color. It was wonderfully relaxing, though. Slow coloring always gives me a chance to take a little inventory. As each tiny shape gets filled in, I notice whether the slowness feels nurturing or if I feel tense or distracted. The more I practice slow coloring, the more [...]

Breathe – In Graphite (Slow Coloring)

2017-05-08T11:51:46-04:00Categories: Angie's Blog|Tags: , , , |

This one is going to take a while! One of the things that I really like about using soft graphite pencils is that little, light dabs of pencil lead add so much sooty darkness. No matter how lightly I make each stroke, it's enough to add more shadowing and contouring. Lead sharpness makes a big [...]