Oh, this looks so nice in person – but I’m afraid my photos don’t do it justice. When we get to the end, I’ve got three very close shades that are almost impossible to tell apart in the photo. But until then… 🙂

Not long ago I had a blog post where I stepped back a little to take inventory of some of the ways that I color. I’ve been on a big paired tone kick lately, so instead of trying to match pinks I decided to go bold with this intense coral tinged red tone. It almost looks like it’s too much at first.

Fortunately, one nice thing about mistakes or near mistakes is that if you repeat the same mistake twice more you end up with a pattern that looks completely intentional. That intense red looks like I have some sort of plan in mind – even if I really didn’t.

Oh – this pink is nice in these spots. The picture is developing in a very unusual way for me, but I like it.

And you can always trust yellow to play nicely with other shades. I really should have tried combining aqua and yellow years ago. I’ve been missing out on a lovely combination.

Now here’s where my photos let us down. That second yellowish tone is actually a bright yellow green. I’m not sure that the hint of green is going to be visible no matter how closely you study the photo. Oh well, these things happen.

I’ve added one more yellow green to the mix – one that you might even be able to spot amongst the other yellowish tones. In person, the yellow greens make the whole picture look less blocky in the yellow sections. Still, the whole shades of aqua, un-matching pink and red, and wash of sunshine tones still look pretty good. This color combination has all of the cheer of a brights mix but is just a little smoother and calmer. Quite a fun set of shades.

Today’s picture is from Balance For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers, colored with these Copic marker shades.