Every new book launch is always followed by a period of adjustment and resettling for me. I have this vision of someday having kind of a perfect balance in my creative cycle – where exploring my artistry flows naturally and fully in harmony with a prolific level of book production. A life where I draw draw draw and color color color – and books magically pop out frequently enough so that no colorist has to wait very long for the next book in their favorite Angie series.

It sounds almost silly and impossible when described that way, but I think I’m seeing signs that I’m headed in the right direction and even making progress. The signs are little things – like the way right now, on the evening of book launch day, my desk is actually clean. And it was clean last night, believe it or not. No toppling over stacks of junk mail with drawing snippets on them – instead, my sketchbook is one arm’s reach away and a pencil and three sharpeners are at the ready on my desk. Correction – 19 pencils, lol. Missed that box sitting next to my incense holder.

Pencil in hand and drawing within hours of Centered Wide Tipped going live on Amazon. Progress on two different drawings this afternoon – juggling work on books for two different series comfortably with headphones on and ambient music of my own creation looping endlessly while I draw.

This is the way I like to work. Submerged in pattern and shape, both visual and auditory, no thoughts of deadlines or the final craziness of assembling the next book. No worrying (for the moment) about whether some incredibly prolific colorist will have all of their pages colored before I have a fresh new book ready for them.

I have not yet done an entire book cycle in a way that it becomes completely effortless, flowing peacefully through my day from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep. A full book without moving house, or figuring out what to do when the refrigerator poops out unexpectedly. A creative cycle without stray dogs and closed dog pounds and power outages or floods or fencing work or rebuilding a website or housebreaking a puppy. But it’s getting closer and closer, and it’s exciting.

I though that this blog post, written late at night at the end of a book launch day, was going to be about being tired and needing to recharge my batteries – but the very hardest thing at this moment is fighting off the urge to grab a pencil and start drawing before I finish typing this post.

It may still be a while until my art and work all flow through a day without the occasional mildly de-railing life surprise popping up – but it’s getting there. I’m finishing this post with a big smile, and thoughts about how it feels like the fun is just starting. So glad that you are joining me on this wild coloring journey!

Today’s coloring is from Centered For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers, colored with these Copic Marker shades.