Slow Coloring Wow – Day 2

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You can tell Halloween is close by the little touches of Jack O'Lantern orange and mysterious black that keep popping up in my recent colorings. There's still a lot of coloring ahead on this one - and perhaps even additional colors. Here's a slide show with my step by step slow coloring progress: [...]

Catch Up And Re-Center

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Every new book launch is always followed by a period of adjustment and resettling for me. I have this vision of someday having kind of a perfect balance in my creative cycle - where exploring my artistry flows naturally and fully in harmony with a prolific level of book production. A life where I draw [...]

Recapturing Creative Freedom

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There are so many ways to be creative, but there can also be a lot of external influences that define creativity in terms of comparison or competition. Many of us had our very first experiences with coloring when we were young children – at a time when we weren't even aware there were such things [...]