It takes a while to finish a coloring page, and during that time you might find yourself experiencing a broad range of thoughts and feelings. This page started off very simply for me, but wow – did it ever lead me though a whole world of thoughts. It had everything – joyous feelings, analytical thought, confidence suddenly wooshing away, forgiveness and acceptance, doubts, peaceful stillness.

I love being able to have a second look at a coloring journey like this one. The photos leave all of the words out of it, but I still feel the presence of the stories and emotions that unfolded as I colored. I think it’s really powerful to be able to see each little step of a coloring this way – and I would encourage you to try taking a series of in-progress photos of your coloring too. This might be especially good if you tend to experience intense feelings, memories or associations when you color. Being able to view the journey a second time, from a gentle distance, adds a level of sweetness and reassurance.

Let’s page through this coloring journey together for a moment.

You don’t need to know the specifics of the stories that unfolded for me as I colored this page – and to be honest, maybe I don’t need to attach to them either. Turned out pretty though, didn’t it! 🙂

Today’s coloring is from Balance For Crayons And Wide Tipped Markers, colored with these Copic marker shades.